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Meet the Fellows

Pedagogical Fellows are a group of productive apprentice scholars who also have a keen interest in providing superlative instruction in their roles as Teaching Assistants. Fellows are selected through a competitive process based on their teaching evaluations, letters of recommendation, and demonstrated interest in pedagogy. They commit to additional course work and other training in order to learn more about pedagogy in higher education, educational trends, and how to better […]

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TA Professional Development Program

About the Program Started in 1989, TAPDP was one of the first discipline-specific, active learning-based programs in the UC system. Most of the training centers around a common set of goals. Since TA duties can vary across disciplines, however, the training you receive will be tailored to the duties and responsibilities expected by your department or School. Your training might address only a subset of the following goals, and may include […]

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The Pedagogical Fellows Program

Please click the picture to see the full list of the 2020 Pedagogical Fellows. Former Pedagogical Fellows say… Since participating in the PF Program, my students and colleagues have noticed a dramatic improvement in teaching skills. The PF Program also improved my CV, helping me to secure an academic position. Nick Petersen Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Miami The PF program definitely gave me a leg up when applying […]

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