Summer Teaching APprenticeship Program

Graduate students and postdocs teaching as Instructor of Record during Summer Session 2022 can apply for the Summer Teaching Apprenticeship Program (STAP) for in-person courses and the Spring Graduate Fellows Program (SGFP) for online courses.

Offered by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) and Summer Session, both programs offer a unique opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to receive teaching training, practice, and mentorship prior to and while teaching a summer course as Instructor of Record.  

Fellows in both programs will receive a stipend of $5000. Faculty mentors will also receive a stipend for their participation in either program.

Applications are due March 25th at 11:59 pm PST. Please review the STAP and SGFP program guidelines and requirements below prior to applying. If you are scheduled to teach as an Instructor of Record during the Summer Session, please apply for the STAP and SGFP programs using this link


Requirements and Program Overview:

Fellows will need to identify a Faculty Mentor prior to applying. The Faculty Mentor will provide guidance and support with course design and development (e.g., selecting curriculum, developing in-class activities, and creating assessments). 

  • Faculty Mentors will receive a research stipend for their participation in either program. Mentors will receive an $800 stipend for working with one Fellow. Faculty who serve as mentors for two Fellows (each serving as Instructor of Record) will be awarded a $1500 research stipend. Another $500 will be awarded for each additional Fellow mentored. For more information, please visit the Faculty Mentors FAQ page.
  • Mentors can be any faculty member or full-time lecturer. DTEI can provide a list of faculty who have participated in the program before, if Fellows have difficulty identifying a prospective mentor.

Fellows will complete asynchronous training during the Spring quarter. Both the STAP and SGFP Fellows will complete asynchronous training through Canvas. Fellows in both programs will receive pedagogical training covering various topics (e.g., designing student learning outcomes, creating assessments, writing course policies). While there will be overlap across modules, Fellows will complete specialized modules for their mode of instruction (e.g., incorporating active learning activities in in-person courses, embedding quizzes in asynchronous lecture videos). Completing the asynchronous modules will take approximately 10 hours. 

Fellows will participate in five synchronous training and information sessions facilitated by DTEI. Both the STAP and SGFP Fellows will participate in the following synchronous training sessions: 

  • Information session: We will hold an information session with all Fellows and all Faculty Mentors early in the Spring quarter.
  • Synchronous training/workshop sessions. Fellows will attend a minimum of three, one-hour training sessions. All sessions will be open to both STAP and SGFP Fellows; however, participants are required to attend a minimum of three training sessions.
    • STAP Fellows will attend sessions facilitated by Dr. Ashley Hooper (DTEI Postdoctoral Scholar) and Dr. Danny Mann (Director, Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Instructional Development). These sessions will allow participants to discuss concepts covered in the asynchronous training and address topics/issues most pertinent to in-person teaching (e.g., facilitating in-class discussion). In the last session, participants will also have the opportunity to peer review syllabi. 
    • SGFP Fellows will attend sessions facilitated by Megan Linos (Director, Learning Experience Design & Online Education), DTEI Instructional Designers, and Digital Learning Institute (DLI) faculty. These sessions will help Fellows to identify key course components, align course content, and design their Canvas course sites.
  • Closing session. Fellows from both programs will attend a one-hour closing session following Summer Session. The session will allow Fellows to share their experiences teaching and celebrate their successes. 

Fellows will complete a syllabus draft by the end of the Spring 2022 quarter and create a Canvas course page before the start of their course. By the end of the Spring quarter, Fellows need to submit a draft of their course syllabus. Three days prior to the start of their course, Fellows need to complete their Canvas course page.

Fellows have the option to attend weekly office hours prior to Summer Session. Fellows for both STAP and SGFP can sign up for “office hour” meetings held weekly with DTEI staff prior to Summer Session instruction. For STAP, Fellows will consult with DTEI staff specializing in graduate student and postdoctoral professional development. For SGFP, Fellows will co-consult with DTEI Instructional Designers and DLI faculty with expertise in online instruction. Office hour sessions will be scheduled at various times to accommodate participants’ schedules. 

Fellows will meet with their Faculty Mentors a minimum of three times prior to Summer Session instruction and one time after instruction. 

  • Fellows and Mentors need to schedule three consultations before the Summer Session terms begins. These consultations can be individual or group sessions, depending on whether a Faculty Mentor is working with several Fellows. During these meetings, Fellows may wish to discuss the following topics with their faculty mentors: drafting a syllabus, identifying course goals, writing student learning outcomes, pacing and scheduling, selecting course readings and materials, developing assessments, and/or creating in-class activities. 
  • Following instruction, Fellows will meet with Faculty Mentors to discuss how the course went (e.g., what went well, what could be improved for next time). 
  • Fellows will be required to submit meeting notes for these four required meetings. 

Fellows will need to complete one mid-term Summer Session course evaluation. Fellows will be required to administer a midterm course evaluation survey halfway through their Summer Session term, in order to collect midterm feedback from students. Fellows can discuss how to address student feedback with their Faculty Mentors and/or DTEI staff. 

Fellows will need to have their teaching observed by their Faculty Mentor. Fellows will need to arrange to have their online or in-person teaching observed at least once during the quarter. Faculty Mentors will observe the Fellow teach and provide feedback regarding instruction (e.g., pacing, student engagement, asynchronous delivery, and/or in-class activities). Fellows will be given materials to guide the observation consultation.

Fellows will reflect on their mentorship and teaching experience in a DTEI blog post. Writing the blog post will allow Fellows to share their effective/innovative teaching practices with the DTEI and the UCI campus community. Blogs must be completed prior to the start of the Fall 2022 quarter. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

  • Danny Mann, Director of Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Instructional Development, at
  • Brian Sato, Associate Dean of DTEI, at
  • Tom Radmilovich, Assistant Dean of Summer Session, at