UCI Teach Day 2023


9:00AM - 10:00AM: Check-in/Breakfast

Location: ALP Lobby

10:00AM - 10:30AM: Welcome

Location: ALP 1300

10:30AM - 11:30AM: Keynote Address by Dr. Natasha Turman

Location: ALP 1300

Dr. Natasha Turman 

Transformative teaching: A call for critical perspectives to advance student learning and success.

11:45AM - 12:30PM: Student Panel

Location: ALP 1300

Panelists: Jordan Grasso, MacKenzie Christensen, Carisa De Santos, & Kit Feeney

Students share their perspectives about effective teaching and learning at UCI. 

12:30PM - 1:30PM: Lunch
1:30PM - 2:15PM: Breakout Session 1

Location: ALP 2100

Chat-GPT at UCI: Variation in Student Usage, Instructional Support and Educational Equity

Authors: Richard Arum (Professor, Sociology & Education), Maria Calderon Leon, Xunfei Lei, Jomar Malquisto Lopes

Location: ALP 2200

Using Learning Assistants (LAs) for the first time

Facilitators: Josh Arimond & Matthew Mahavongtrakul (DTEI)

Location: ALP 2500

Writing pedagogy in a diverse world

Facilitator: Daniel Gross (English)

Location: ALP 2600

FATE: Advancing Pedagogical Wellness and Inclusion at UCI 

Facilitators: Jessica Borelli (Psychological Science), Leanne Burke (Nursing), Theresa Duong (DTEI), Celia Faiola (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), Mahtab Jafari (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Angela Jenks (Anthropology), Kelli Sharp (Dance), David Trend (Art), Joel Veenstra (Drama), Joanne Zinger (Psychological Science)

2:30PM - 3:15PM: Breakout Session 2

Location: ALP 2100

Research Talks

  • Di Xu, Associate Professor, Education

The Promise of Using Study-Together Groups to Promote Engagement and Performance in Online Courses

  • Kameryn Denaro, Project Scientist, UCI PERI2 

Improving student achievement through the implementation of a weekly Calculus Active Learning Lab.

Location: ALP 2200

Workshop: DTEI Grad Scholar Showcase

Facilitators: Alex Bower, Xinyu Li, Danny Mann (DTEI)

Location: ALP 2500

UCI Compass: Building a Data Driven Culture

Facilitators: Astrud Reed (OIT/ODIT), Jeremy Thacker (OIT), Ray Vadnais (OIT), Brian Sato (Bio Sci, DTEI)

Location: ALP 2600

FATE: Assessing Assessments in the age of COVID and AI

Facilitators: Kevin Bradford (Business), Pavan Kadandale (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry), Beth Lopour (Biomedical Engineering), Adrienne Williams (Cell & Developmental Biology)


3:30PM - 4:15PM: Breakout Session 3

Location: ALP 2100

Research Talks

  • Glenda Flores, Associate Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies

Examining Black and Latinx Undergraduate Student Experiences in STEM at a dual Hispanic and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution

  • Yiwen Lin, Graduate Student, Education

Unveiling student behavior in online learning environments with learning analytics approaches.

Location: ALP 2200

Workshop: Faculty Roundtable Discussion on Learning Technologies

Please join our faculty roundtable discussion to ask questions and exchange teaching experiences in implementing UCI learning technologies which foster student engagement in the classroom. 

Round 1: PerusallEd Discussion, and Google Apps

Round 2: YuJa Video QuizPoll Everywhere, and Gradescope

Facilitators: Rachael Barry (Biology), David Copp (Engineering), Patrick Hong (Engineering), Angela Jenks (Social Sciences), Victorya Nam (Humanities)

Location: ALP 2500

Evolving practices for instructors in the age of generative AI

Facilitators: Mark Warschauer (Professor, Education), Tamara Tate, Waverly Tseng

Location: ALP 2600

FATE: Instructional roles at UCI: How to support active learning


Julie Ferguson (Earth Systems Science), Danny Mann (DTEI), Bob Pelayo (Math)

4:15PM - 6:00PM: Celebration of Teaching

Location: ALP Lobby

An informal gathering with food and drink to celebrate this year’s teaching award winners and all of those who have contributed to the campus’ teaching and learning efforts

Keynote Speaker

We are excited to welcome Dr. Natasha Turman as the UCI Teach Day keynote speaker. Dr. Turman has a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Spelman College. Dr. Turman currently serves as the Director of University of Michigan’s Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program.

About UCI Teach Day

UCI Teach Day is an all-day celebration for UCI faculty, staff, and graduate students who strive to foster a culture of inclusion and equity for our undergraduates. The day will include a keynote address by Dr. Natasha Turman (University of Michigan), a student panel, and breakout sessions focused on education research, professional development opportunities, and facilitated discussions on pressing educational issues. The day will end with our 31st Annual Celebration of Teaching, which serves as an opportunity to recognize the Dr. De Gallow Professor of the Year, Most Promising Future Faculty, and additional instructors who have been honored with a campus teaching award over the past year.

Registration is now closed. Thanks to all who will be attending!

Contact & Directions

The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation



The Anteater Learning Pavillion

605 Humanities Quad, Irvine, CA 92697