DTEI Graduate Scholars

Applications for the 2023 Summer Graduate Scholars Program are currently closed, but you can review guidelines for the previous application window below.

The 2023 DTEI Summer Graduate Scholars Program will focus on creating more inclusive courses of any modality (online, hybrid, in-person) for the 2023-2024 academic year. The themes for this summer include (1) transforming course assessments (with consideration for new AI tools), (2) leveraging Learning Assistants to increase active learning course practices, and (3) supporting faculty and student pedagogical wellness. The program will consider supporting related course development that increases inclusion and equity for students.  It is expected that DTEI Grad Scholars will be mentored by faculty to support their professional development and prepare for potential future teaching opportunities. Faculty mentors will receive direct assistance from trained graduate students on their course preparation for the upcoming academic year.

DTEI Graduate Scholars will receive $5000 and a certificate upon program completion. They will engage with this training program for approximately 200 hours throughout the summer: beginning with an in-person workshop series during the week of June 26 followed by faculty collaborations and periodic learning community meetings throughout summer. The program will conclude on September 1. Scholars will receive a certificate upon program completion.

Please note schools/departments may modify existing summer funding if a graduate student is selected for this program. Graduate students should contact their department prior to applying for additional information.

There are two program tracks:

Track 1 (individual application):  DTEI Graduate Scholars will work one-on-one with up to three faculty members on their courses to make improvements for the upcoming academic year.

Track 2 (departmental application): Departments/Schools will assemble a team of DTEI Graduate Scholars and faculty to collaborate on curricular or program goals that may involve a series of courses.

How to Apply

We encourage both graduate students and faculty to apply to the program – graduate students, to support course development, and faculty, to receive assistance in developing one of their courses and serve as a mentor for a graduate scholar. For priority selection, graduate students and faculty should coordinate with each other before applying; however, graduate students and faculty may apply without prior coordination. Graduate students and faculty can apply individually, or a team of faculty and graduate students can submit a single departmental application to collaborate on curricular or program goals that may involve a series of courses.


All full-time faculty and lecturers are eligible to apply.

Graduate student applicants:

  • Must be a continuing graduate student (Master’s or Ph.D.) who will have completed at least three quarters of successful graduate coursework at UCI by the end of Spring Quarter 2023.
  • Must have teaching experience either as a TA or instructor.
  • Are preferred to have experience collaborating with faculty on courses or teaching-related projects, pedagogical training through DTEI and/or discipline-specific teaching programs, and expertise with Canvas.
  • Must receive approval from their Associate Dean, Graduate Program Director, or Advisor, as decided upon by the graduate student’s department.

Graduate student applicants:

Graduate students submitting an individual application need to upload (as part of their application) this supporting letter with a signature from one of the following: (1) Their School’s Associate Dean, (2) Their Graduate Program Director, (3) Their advisor.

Part of the application will ask the graduate students applicant whether they have coordinated with a faculty member that they would like to work with, and if they have, to list that faculty member or members. All interested faculty mentors need to complete an application as well (see information below). Priority will be given to graduate student/faculty applications coordinated prior to applying, although prior coordination is not required to apply individually. Some graduate students will be selected to work directly with DTEI to support interdisciplinary instructors.

Faculty applicants:

Faculty will be asked whether they have coordinated with any graduate students that they would like to work with, and if they have, to list those graduate students. Due to limited funding, faculty-identified graduate students are not guaranteed acceptance into the program. All interested graduate students need to complete an application as well (see information above). Priority will be given to graduate student/faculty applications coordinated prior to applying, although prior coordination is not required to apply individually.

Departments nominate a team of both graduate students and faculty. Prior to submitting a departmental application form, departments need to do the following:

(1) Identify the department’s instructional/program goals that need DTEI Graduate Scholar support.

(2) Identify one or more faculty members that will help the department meet these goals.

(3) Identify 3–5 prospective Graduate Scholars to work with the faculty team. Note: departments may modify existing summer funding if a graduate student is selected for this program. If this is the case, departments should notify intended graduate student nominees prior to submitting a departmental application.

Only one member of the nominated graduate students/faculty needs to submit a departmental application. Departmental applications must include a supporting letter from the department’s Associate Dean, Department Chair, or Graduate Program Director, detailing the following:

  • (Required) Supporting letters must confirm that all nominated graduate students are continuing Master’s or Ph.D. students (i.e., not a student entering a graduate program in Summer/Fall of 2023).
  • (Required) Supporting letters must provide a specific plan for change in courses using assistance from Grad Scholars, including assessment of change.
  • (Preferred) Supporting letters describe how this change is based on COMPASS data or program learning outcomes/program assessment.

Click here for the Departmental Application Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to apply?


Is this program the same thing as the Graduate Fellows program?

Yes, the program name has changed to DTEI Graduate Scholars Program as of May, 2023.

Am I eligible to apply if I was a DTEI Graduate Scholar in a previous year?

Yes, we encourage you to apply.

Are lecturers eligible to apply to the program?

Yes, lecturers are eligible to apply. 

Do I need to coordinate with colleagues to figure out who I may work with this summer before applying?

No. However, we encourage you to do so as pre-formed partnerships are more likely to be awarded.

Can I apply individually and be part of a departmental application team?

Yes. If you are selected, you will only participate in either Program Track 1 or Track 2.

Can Graduate Scholars collaborate with faculty on courses taught during Summer 2023?

No. Graduate Scholars and faculty will collaborate only on future courses to be taught in the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

When will I be notified about the decision?

We will review submissions and notify applicants as soon as possible.

I’m a graduate student defending my dissertation during Summer 2023. Am I still eligible?

Yes. However, you need to be a graduate student until the end of summer to be eligible.

Will the training be online or in-person?

Training will be in-person unless otherwise stated if new safety guidelines emerge.

What are the details of the week-long in-person training course (times, topics, etc.)?

In-person training will be held during the week of June 26th-30th. We do not have details of topics at this time.

What if I cannot attend the in-person training? Will there be an asynchronous alternative?

Students are expected to complete the training in person. Make-up training options can be determined on a case by case basis.

If you have any additional questions regarding the DTEI Graduate Scholars program, please email Charli Arhart (carhart@uci.edu).