About the Digital and Online Teaching Team

Jennifer Foung
M.A., Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design
MLIS, Master of Library and Information Science
(949) 824-9228

Jennifer Foung

Instructional Designer

Jennifer Foung is an instructional designer at the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation at UC Irvine. She received her Masters in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University in 2010 and her Masters in Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design at Columbia University in 2018.

Jennifer is focused on integrating innovative online learning technologies into the everyday classroom. Jennifer spent most of her professional career working with young adults and preparing them for a higher education research setting by teaching them information, media and digital literacy skills. Jennifer also has extensive experience in faculty training; particularly teaching faculty how to integrate educational technologies into their courses to engage students and encourage collaborative learning. Jennifer is an advocate of informal learning practices and believes the best type of learning occurs when students are given unstructured opportunities to think, discuss and apply. Jennifer also has experience in graphic and web design which she uses to enhance the look and feel of online courses. Jennifer values continual professional growth and is always on the lookout for innovative tools and ideas that can be used to motivate and engage learners.


Introduction to Exam Digitization: Scantron to Gradescope Bubble Sheets

February 08, 2023

Canvas Course Design Workshop: Getting Your Canvas Space Ready for Winter 2023!

December 08 & 09, 2022

Designing an Engaging and Visually Appealing Canvas Course Space

January 27, 2022

Organizing your Canvas Course to Support Various Modes of Teaching

August 30, 2021

Using Gradescope Rubrics and Assignments to Support Mastery Learning and Specifications Grading

August 04, 2021

Digital Active Learning Workshop: Increase Synchronous Interaction with Poll Everywhere

February 11, 2021

Recent Projects

Shadow of word Inclusion

2023 Inclusive Course Design Institute

The Inclusive Course Design Institute (ICDI) is a professional development program designed to support faculty in cultivating a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEI-A) culture in the classroom. The Goal of the program is to provide pedagogical resources and encourage faculty discussion in the areas of inclusive excellence, transparency in course design, accessibility, humanizing teaching, and pedagogical wellness.

laptop with a teacher on the screen and notebook in front of laptop

2023 Digital Learning Institute

In response to the increasing faculty interest in online teaching, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) is offering an eight-week faculty development program in Spring 2023, the Digital Learning Institute (DLI). The goal of DLI is to assist faculty in creating a quality online learning environment that embraces pedagogical excellence and enhances the student online learning experience.

2023 DTEI Teaching Accessibly Canvas Self-Paced Course

This fully online self-enrolled course provides instructors with a broad introduction to the importance of accessible teaching, various tips and tricks for course design and lecture delivery enhancement. Topics include Canvas Accessibility, Creating Accessible Digital Documents, Media Accessibility, Accessible Lecture Delivery and Best Practice Guidelines.

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2021 – 2022 Teaching Experiment Academy

Higher education institutions are looking for ways to improve learning outcomes in STEM education. A collaborative team from UC Irvine, San Jose State University, and Cal Poly Pomona has created a cohort-based faculty development program, the Teaching Experiment Academy (TEA). The Teaching Experiment Academy (TEA) is a year long program (2021-2022) designed for STEM faculty to redesign their undergraduate courses with the components of Mastery Learning and Specifications Grading.

Blog Posts


“Jennifer did a superlative job teaching me how to use Canvas and advising me on course design. She was patient, thorough, clear, and rigorous. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel confident and comfortable under her instruction. She gave me excellent advice on how to make my courses more student-friendly and effective. Because of Jennifer’s outstanding skill as a consultant, I am navigating the transition to online teaching with the minimum of disruption and stress. ”

— Claire Jean Kim, Professor, UCI School of Social Sciences

“Jennifer demonstrated the pedagogic knowledge, technical skills, and right mix of “tried and true” and “let’s give it a try” to co-create a course that is at once fully informed by what we know works and inclusive of innovations that were pilot tested this summer as I taught the course. I especially enjoyed the dialogue with Jennifer about what works and why, what is worth trying and why (even if we don’t know if it will work), and how we can find that sweet spot between what is best for the students and what is viable for those delivering the course”

— Valerie Jenness, Distinguished Professor, UCI School of Social Ecology