Full-Scale Online course Development service

Designing a brand-new course or transforming an existing course for online delivery? Receive online teaching consultation and course development support from the experienced instructional designers at DTEI

About the Service

This service is designed based on a cohort model with group meetings and peer working sessions scheduled to support faculty’s course development needs. We will work together over the course of  several weeks to explore different stages of course development and learn about strategies and best practices at each stage. Recommendations on how to effectively implement learning technologies to engage students will also be provided.

Any UCI faculty planning to teach a fully online course is welcome to apply! If you are interested in the online course development service, please schedule an one-on-one consultation appointment. We are committed to supporting you through the process and look forward to working with you in designing and transforming your courses.


What We Offer

One-on-One Consultation with Instructional Designer

Consult with an ID to design and develop your course, and discuss best teaching practices to help students engage with you, the content, and their peers

Learning Technologies Strategies and Recommendations

Explore UCI supported tools/technologies and learn best practices in using them to motivate, engage and encourage student learning and collaboration

One-on-One Consultation with Video Producer

Consult with Video Producer to explore the best options to create instructional videos for you

Group Meetings with Peers to Share Ideas with your Cohort Community

Meet with your cohort community to share and learn from each other’s teaching and learning experiences