Consultation & Support

A mainstay of the DTEI, teaching consultations are available to all faculty, lecturers, and TAs at UCI.  Instructors at all levels and with a wide range of teaching evaluations come for consultation, and for a variety of reasons.  Most come because they want to help to improve their students’ learning, not because they are poor teachers (although instructors who are struggling do come for services).  Some come because the strategies and tools they’ve been using very successfully are suddenly not as successful as before, perhaps because the audience has changed.  Some are interested in learning about new evidence-based and “best” practices for teaching and learning, and some are curious about new digital instructional tools.

Whatever the reason, the goal of the meeting is for the consultant to determine what you would like to see happening in your courses; the consultant’s job is to help you come up with strategies that might increase the likelihood of your students achieving the learning outcomes you have set for them.  The consultant does not evaluate the teacher nor does the information shared with the consultant get shared without the consultee’s permission.

Peer Teaching Consultation

We value the impact of the faculty learning community and peer teaching discussions to enhance our teaching practices. The DTEI faculty fellows offer peer teaching consultation to all UCI faculty and instructors to talk about teaching related matters.

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Instructor teaching student on laptop

Digital and Online Teaching Consultation

DTEI offers one-on-one consultation to help faculty address matters related to digital and online teaching, online teaching best practices and policy, the online course approval process, the UC Online grant proposal, and more.

Pedagogical Consultation

DTEI also offers one-on-one consultations to help faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students address pedagogy questions.

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Instructional Design Support

The DTEI instructional designers offer one-on-one support to help faculty address matters related to technology-enhanced teaching, digital learning, Canvas course design, and online/hybrid teaching.

For Canvas technical support (not related to teaching practices), please visit or contact for further assistance.

For educational research related matters, contact Sabrina Solanki at