The Institute for Pedagogical Wellness (IPW) is a collaborative program intended to equip faculty and graduate students with pedagogical wellness knowledge and skills to implement in their classrooms. It also provides a space for participants to support each other in teaching and professional development. The IPW participants will then adapt the IPW curriculum and co-create a brief workshop series or learning community meetings tailored to their specific school. Through IPW, we aim to create more healthy and welcoming instructional spaces for our students while supporting the mental health of our faculty and instructional teams. 



The Institute will take place during Spring Quarter from Week 3 to Week 10 (Wednesdays from April 17th to June 5th, 2024) from 12-1:30 PM. The format will be primarily in-person with online accommodations if necessary. Participants can miss up to 2 sessions. Food and drink will be provided. Furthermore, in Fall of 2024, participants will collaborate with their grad/faculty partner to develop a series of workshops or host a learning community on pedagogical wellness for their specific school.

Institute Topics

  • Personal Well-Being: Stress, Burnout, and Tools for Resilience 
    • Acknowledging Disconnection While Reconnecting
    • Stress and Tools for Resilience
    • Mental Health Skills Training
  • Instructor & Student Wellness: Evidence-Based Strategies for Wellness in the Classroom 
    • Instructor Pedagogical Wellness 
    • Balancing Student Pedagogical Wellness
    • Relationship-Rich Education
  • Building a Resilient Campus Community 
    • Campus Resources Speed Meet 
    • DTEI Workshop Best Practices 

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are a faculty member or graduate student interested in and committed to pedagogical wellness at UCI.
  • You are willing to collaborate with another faculty member and/or graduate student to develop a series of workshops or learning communities on pedagogical wellness for your School. Note: We are seeking graduate student and faculty pairs (1 graduate student & 1 faculty member).
  • You have some relevant experience with teaching, wellness, facilitating workshops, or being a change agent around mental health/well-being.  

Both faculty and graduate students will receive a Certificate of Pedagogical Wellness and a plaque for participating in the program. Graduate students will receive a $1,500 award for completion of the program.

Faculty and graduate students are invited to apply together through a collaborative application. Participants can also apply individually, but selection is not guaranteed. Please send in your application here by Friday, February 16, 2024.

Institute Advisory Board and Facilitators: 

Name, Title Department

Theresa Duong, Pedagogical Wellness Specialist 

Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation 

Danny Mann, Executive Director 

Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation 
Negar Shekarabi, Faculty and Staff Support Services Program Director Occupational Health
Doug Everhart, Director  Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion
Anushree Belur, Senior Staff Psychologist Counseling Center 
Larisa Castillo, Associate Professor of Teaching; Director of Pedagogical Development  School of Humanities
Sarah Pressman, Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education  Department of Psychological Science, School of Social Ecology, Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
John Guzowski, Associate Professor Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, School of Biological Sciences
Michael Huynh, Ph.D. Candidate Public Health, Susan and Samueli College of Health Sciences
Ariana Mannani, 4th-year undergraduate student  Department of Psychological Science, School of Social Ecology