Pedagogical Scholars Program

The 2024 Pedagogical Scholars Program (formerly Pedagogical Fellows Program) application is now closed, but you can review the previous rubric below.

(Above) The 2024 Pedagogical Scholars Cohort. Click the image to see the full list of 2024 Pedagogical Scholars.

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What is the PS program?

The PS Program is a highly regarded “preparing future faculty” program; selection is competitive, based on a record of excellent teaching, promising scholarship, and service to the University, department, and the disciplines’ professional community. The PS Program provides advanced pedagogical and professional development in an interdisciplinary community that emphasizes professional and personal support. In addition, Scholars receive personalized assistance with preparing for the academic job market. Scholars also receive a $2500 stipend for participating in the program.

What are the goals of the program?

By the end of their year in the PS program, Pedagogical Scholars will be able to:

  1. Develop and refine advanced pedagogical skills for use in higher education.
  2. Create and implement a discipline-specific TA Professional Development Program (TAPDP) for new graduate student TAs.
  3. Foster an interdisciplinary community of graduate students focused on improving pedagogical practices.
  4. Prepare competitive application materials for the academic job market.
What are the qualifications for participation?
  • *You can be concurrently enrolled in any of the courses above in the Fall and still be eligible to apply. If you are doing the self-paced Certificate in Teaching Excellence Program (CTEP) option, you must complete all modules except for the teaching observations before applying. However, we strongly encourage partially completing the teaching module (i.e., having your teaching observed by one peer and observing one peer) before applying.
    • Pedagogical Liaisons Program