Active Learning Institute

The next Active Learning Institute will be during the 2023-2024 academic year. Please check back for registration information.

The Active Learning Institute (ALI) is a series of 8 workshops that support faculty in integrating active learning strategies into their courses. The ALI covers course goals, active learning activities and assignments, use of technology, and more. These interactive workshops give faculty the opportunity to practice techniques and design strategies that work best in their own courses. It is also an opportunity to discuss teaching and gain insights from faculty across the disciplines. Please note that the ALI is currently open to faculty only.


Schedule TBD

*These sessions are currently scheduled in person. Should COVID guidelines changes, sessions will be moved to Zoom.*

Click here to view a comprehensive list of all Active Learning Certified Faculty at UCI.

What will I learn in the Active Learning Institute and when?

Participants in the ALI will:

    • …review the general and discipline-specific literature underlying evidence-based practices in active learning;
    • …participate in, apply, analyze, and discuss active learning pedagogical strategies and instructional tools;
    • …apply evidence-based practices to the development and implementation of lesson design(s);
    • …present sample active learning strategies and receive feedback in a supportive collegial atmosphere;
    • …complete the first step towards certification to teach in designated active learning classrooms.

The ALI has two parts: the first part is the preparation stage when participants are (re-)designing their curricula to integrate active/collaborative strategies; the second part takes place when the instructor is actually applying the strategies in the classroom.  During the second part, participants will be observed and given feedback on their implementation.  Successful completion of both parts provides the participant with their certification for preferential scheduling in Active Learning Classrooms.

Why have an Active Learning Institute?

Internationally, colleges and universities have been adopting student-centered pedagogies such as active/collaborative learning. Bolstered by the evidence-based research, UCI’s strategic plan has specifically called for more engaged instruction and learning; the campus has also invested in it by renovating existing classrooms, such as SE 101, AIRB 1030, and PSCB 140; in addition, UCI is building new active learning spaces such as those in the new Anteater Learning Pavilion.

How can I schedule a class in an Active Learning Classroom?

Faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to using active/collaborative teaching strategies will have priority access to PSCB 140, AIRB 1030, and all classrooms in the Anteater Learning Pavillion. Successful completion of both parts of the Active Learning Institute will certify faculty to use these rooms.

What if I already use Active Learning/Collaborative Learning Strategies?

Those faculty who have already been using Active Learning methods and strategies can apply to be certified through a consultation and observation by contacting the Division of Teaching Excellence & Innovation at or completing this consultation request form.

Questions? Please contact Matthew Mahavongtrakul at