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Welcome to the Future Leaders in Pedagogy Development (FLIP’D) Blog! Created by Matthew Mahavongtrakul in 2019, each post synthesizes current relevant research, as well as anecdotal experience from the authors. In our Developing Teaching Excellence (University Studies 390X) course, participants explore primary research and best pedagogical practices. Part of the course includes a capstone project, where each participant generates teaching resources. After choosing a teaching-related topic, they write a short blog post. We also have DTEI Travel Grant awardees attending conferences who write articles about their experiences and what they learned. To explore the articles by topic, click on the topic links below or scroll further for a snapshot into articles for each topic.

If you were enrolled in 390X and would like to contribute more articles, please e-mail Alex Bower at for instructions.

Here are our latest posts:

Inclusive Pedagogy for STEM Retention

Author: Sierra Hellwitz Date: August 17, 2023 When I learned about pedagogical research, I saw a way to marry my career and academic interests with my commitment to inclusivity in higher education, specifically in STEM field. In the United States, higher education...

Gamifying Our Way Through Teaching

Author: Kritideepan Parida The usage of gamification in classrooms has drastically increased in the past decade as instructors need a new and fun method to impart education to students. Gamification as a term corresponds to the application of game design elements in...

“Flipped” Perspectives on Teaching

Author: Dorothy M. Huang Date: June 4, 2023 Much of the rhetoric around teaching communities is often centered around the question of how to enhance the students’ learning experience. As instructors, we focus much of our attention on what we can offer students....