Poll Everywhere

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a a web-based classroom polling and learning engagement tool that is available to all faculty/staff. Participation is easy, and students can take part by visiting a web page, downloading the app on their mobile device or through text message. Poll Everywhere offers instructors a variety of polling questions and activities to interact with students. Interactive Polling allows instructors to engage with students by asking questions at crucial points of their lesson to stimulate critical thinking, reflection and self-assessment. It is also a powerful information assessment tool for gauging student understanding.

Why Use Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere helps create an interactive classroom experience by providing a safe platform for students to ask questions, participate and demonstrate their learning. It supports all modes of instruction and encourages students to participate and interact with course content. Use Poll Everywhere if you want to…

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Encourage Active Learning

Create fun activities to break up lengthy lectures. Encourage active participation and help students engage with the course content. Ask interactive and meaningful questions to get students talking.

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Create a Safe Space for Shy Students

Connect with all of your students; even those that are usually too shy to participate in class. Poll Everywhere provides anonymity, empowering students who may normally be afraid to speak up to contribute to the class and ask questions.

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Embed Polls Directly into Your Presentation Slides

Poll Everywhere allows you to embed polls directly into Google Slides or Powerpoint so you never need to exit your presentation to conduct a poll.

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Gauge Student Understanding and Monitor Participation

As students respond to polls and activities their responses instantly appear on your screen which can help you determine where there may be knowledge gaps and a need to review material. Use poll data to track student participation and receive meaningful feedback.

Poll Everywhere Examples

Multiple Choice – Column Chart

    Open Ended – Word Cloud

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