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DTEI Research

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic Response of Spring 2020 - Practical Advice for Teaching, Learning, and Educational Development in Fall 2020 and Beyond

General Resources

General Policies - A list of campus resources, including descriptions, contact information, and links.

Learning Assistants (Information for Students) - Students interested in becoming Learning Assistants can learn more about the Certified Learning Assistants Program (CLAP).

Resources for Students for AY 2021-2022 - In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are resources for undergraduate students for navigating the 2021-2022 academic year.

Teaching Continuity Plan during Disruption - In the event of a sudden disruption to normal classroom functions, here are some tips to enhance your ability to continue facilitating learning.

Thank a Teacher - A form to your instructor or TA about how awesome they are.

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy - Resources, workshop recordings, and step-by-step guides to teaching potentially triggering topics as well as handling student trauma.

Facilitating Student Success

Considering Student Completion of the Writing Requirement - Steps to help students be successful with academic writing.

Engaging First Generation Students - Four steps for supporting first-generation students.

Increasing Success for Low-Income Students - Four steps for supporting low-income students.

Teaching International Students - Some small changes to teaching methods that greatly increase opportunities for international students to succeed.

Faculty Resources

Learning Assistants (Information for Faculty) - Faculty who teach a course with regular opportunities for small-group work in class and/or in discussion can utilize undergraduate learning assistants. Priority is given to classes that are large and difficult.

List of Active Learning Certified Faculty - A comprehensive list of UCI faculty who are Active Learning Certified.

TA Feedback Survey - Faculty can survey their TAs on course organization and classroom activities.

The Peer Evaluation of Teaching - Suggested components of effective peer evaluation of teaching.

The Reflective Teaching Statement - A couple of key elements of a reflective teaching statement, including examples of snippets from successful teaching statements.

Teaching Strategies and Course Design

Syllabus Template - Here is a syllabus template with recommended sections, as well as tips on what to include.

Teaching Strategies and Materials - General overviews for implementing active learning in large classes, flipping courses, creating effective writing assignments, creating effective group work, promoting student reading and comprehension, and effectively managing time.