DLI 2020-2021: Remote Teaching

The theme of the inaugural 2020-2021 Digital Learning Institute was “Embracing Pedagogical Excellence in Remote Teaching” to prepare faculty for remote teaching during the pandemic. A total of 135 UCI faculty have completed the program and developed a student-centered remote course space aligned with the five evidence-based course design principles and the online course quality rubric.

A designated instructional designer was assigned to work with each DLI participant. Participants also received peer support and were guided by a research-informed rubric during the course development process. To become DLI certified, each participant was required to attend at least 3 out of 4 cohort meetings, complete the weekly assigned tasks, join bi-weekly consultations, and conduct a self-assessment using the course quality rubric at the end of the program. DLI certified faculty are eligible to serve as faculty mentors for future DLI participants and are eligible to participate in potential future programming in the digital learning space.

Program Design

Module 1: Getting Started with Remote Teaching and Course Design


Module 2: Developing Accessible Learning Content for Remote Teaching

Module 3: Set up an Inclusive Remote Learning Space


Module 4: Implementing Digital Active Learning, Student Engagement, and Communication


Module 5: Designing Learning Assessments for Remote Teaching

Module 6: Course Policy and Academic Integrity


Module 7: Conducting Self-Assessment for Quality Remote Course Design

Faculty Showcase

Brandon Golob
School of Social Ecology

Jennifer Geraci
School of Humanities

Julie Kircher
School of Social Ecology

Camilo Velez Cuervo
Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Jennifer Wong-Ma
Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences

Beth Harnick-Shapiro
Henry Samueli School of Engineering