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Overcoming Anxieties of Learning Quantitative Methodology and Gaining the Confidence to Teach it

Martín Jacinto, Department of Sociology In a farewell piece as editor of Teaching Sociology, Stephen Sweet writes that teaching sociologically, “requires understanding teaching as a social act that is conducive to study, vigilante empathy to understand the lifeworlds of students, and building our own character as we attempt to build […]

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High Impact Teaching Strategies for Large Undergraduate Classes in Public Health

Sara Goodman, Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention What are high impact course activities? Having ten-week quarters challenges faculty members and teaching assistants to get the most out of their students in a short amount of time. High impact learning activities include “frequent, timely, and constructive feedback, periodic, structured opportunities […]

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Incorporation of Collaborative Learning in Classroom Teaching

Jawad Fayaz, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering For centuries, classroom teaching has been mainly based on the conventional approach of lecturing by faculty members and learning being evaluated by traditional examinations. This approach does not lead to the development of highly required skills such as critical thinking, communication, and leadership. […]

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