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What Makes Us or Breaks Us

As we begin the work of pedagogical wellness in DTEI, there has been a number of reactions to the idea of wellness in the classroom. Much of this was expected on my part - there is a pretty consistent spectrum of buy-in from faculty when we present something new....

Director's Blog

Welcome Back!

It's a new academic year that hopefully comes with some fresh starts and a quarter without interruption. I hope summer was whatever you wanted it to be. Here's some highlights from my summer: The good: We spent a month in Washington state with family. I got to...

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Take a Moment for Wellness

School's out, and for me this summer means a moment to step back and just be. I tend to focus on my productivity as a measure of my worthiness, but oh man did the pandemic blow that idea all to bits. I may have to say it in the mirror ten times every morning, but I...

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Finding Balance

It's a new month so I decided it was time for a new me. I have literally cut my hair once since 2020, so away to the salon I went. In the chair, I happily exclaimed "Chop it all off!" to which my hairdresser responded, "And would you like me to color your gray...

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A Celebration Sneak Peek

I'm probably jinxing it just by writing this blog post...but Celebration of Teaching is back! The nominations are in, the winners will be revealed, and I am in full party planning mode. Even more good news - since Covid killed everybody's attention span,...

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