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UC Irvine Leadership Participate in UC Workshop: Practical Approaches to Undergraduate Education

by | Feb 6, 2024 | DTEI Newsletter, DTEI Stories

On January 29, 2024, UC Provost Katherine Newman convened a systemwide, day-long virtual gathering titled “Post-Congress Workshop: Practical Approaches to Undergraduate Education.” The event consisted of panels and breakout discussions focused on innovative course design, innovations in digital pedagogy, change management, and other pressing issues affecting undergraduate education.

Throughout the day, several UC Irvine leaders participated in key events. DTEI Associate Dean Brian Sato facilitated the opening panel centered on innovative course redesigns, where he also spoke on UC Irvine’s efforts to support active learning pedagogies through the Anteater Learning Pavilion, Active Learning Institute, and Certified Learning Assistants Program. Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Michael Dennin participated in a panel focused on approaches to change management where he highlighted the steps UC Irvine has taken to provide students with a high-quality, inclusive educational experience. Finally, Provost Hal Stern provided closing remarks for the event that recounted the takeaways from the day and discussed the ongoing evolution of teaching and learning within the UC system.

Boasting over 300 attendees, including dozens of UC Irvine faculty and staff, the event was deemed a resounding success that illustrated UC Irvine’s and the UC system’s continued commitment to educational excellence.