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Self-Nominations Now Open for the Second FATE Cohort

by | Feb 6, 2024 | DTEI Newsletter, DTEI Stories

The Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning (OVPTL) is soliciting self-nominations for the second cohort of Faculty Academy of Teaching Excellence (FATE) Fellows. UCI FATE is a means for campus to highlight faculty that have a demonstrated record of creating learning environments that foster the growth of all students, have continued to develop their pedagogy by participating in professional development opportunities, and have been recognized by their peers as model educators. Through FATE, the OVPTL aims to create a community of individuals with a shared desire to promote student success. Membership is an honor bestowed on the FATE Fellows, who pledge to continue growing in their roles as educators and mentors.

Prospective FATE Fellows must:

  • Be at the Associate or Full Professor level (for research, teaching, or clinical professors) OR have achieved Continuing Lecturer status (for Unit-18 lecturers).
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to creating more evidence-based and/or inclusive learning environments (e.g. implementing active learning practices, flexible course design, or alternative assessment methods, etc.).
  • Have had a demonstrated impact on the campus’ educational mission beyond their own classroom (e.g. influencing colleagues and their teaching, contributing to extracurricular instructional activities, demonstrating pedagogical impact beyond UCI, etc.).
  • Be available during the 2024-25 academic year to contribute to a FATE project.

Visit the UCI FATE webpage for more information regarding eligibility, the nomination process, and previous FATE projects. Eligible faculty are invited to apply using the UCI FATE self-nomination form. Nominations are due February 26, 2024.