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2023-2024 UC Online Call for Proposals

by | Nov 9, 2023 | DTEI Newsletter, DTEI Stories

In 2023-2024, UC Online will provide approximately $2M in project funding for digital inclusion and online projects. Award amounts will vary based on project plans submitted from campuses. Applicants who are interested in pursuing this opportunity are required to check with their campus liaisons prior to submitting their request. Please see below for the complete details of the four funding categories. Feel free to use the UC Online proposal template to draft your proposal before submitting it online.


    Funding is available for the development and enhancement of fully online courses, course sequences, minors, or programs that are developed, offered, and open to students across campuses through the cross-campus enrollment system (CCES). The approved course must be open to cross-campus enrollment (five times in five years, excluding summer offerings). Courses should emphasize elements of digital inclusion and be designed to enrich and enhance student opportunities to learn and succeed. Recommended Award: A maximum of $45K/course.

    Funding is available for systemwide professional development (online and in-person) that supports digital inclusion efforts. Possible projects include professional development for faculty in online teaching to ensure student success and the like. Priority will be given to online professional development that is open across the system and involves three or more campuses.

    Funding is available for systemwide research projects that focus on online course efficacy, analysis of existing data on online courses, closing equity/performance gaps in online courses, and any new research that focuses on issues related to DEI & A. 


    • Tech Integrations. Complete technology integrations (using IMS Global interoperability standards) to connect learning platforms and tools designed to function as a whole, to produce a coherent learning environment that aggregates learning data and provides students with an enriched learning experience.
    • Infrastructure and Equipment. One-time/startup cost of hardware associated with the storage of digital assets used in online courses (such as servers or cloud-based storage solutions), licenses for software associated with creating and developing online courses, and digital course assets (such as Captivate, Camtasia, Adobe Photoshop) as a campus-wide project.

At the conclusion of the project, you are required to submit a final expense report for auditing purposes. UC Online also requires that you share your findings or results in a manner to be determined in consultation with project teams, campus leadership, and UC Online.

Each unique project requires a separate application form and accompanying budget describing the specifics of the initiative.

Friday, January 12, 2024 at 5:00 pm