The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation is committed to supporting research on teaching and learning at the University of California, Irvine. Toward that end, we offer the following services:

  • Guidance and support to conduct rigorous research on teaching and learning
  • Faculty support for teaching and learning-related grant submissions
  • Assessment support for educational components of federal grants (e.g., Education Plans for NSF CAREER Grants, or Broader Impacts for NSF research grants)
  • Coordination of cross-campus and cross-unit data collection and dissemination
  • Dissemination of results in discipline-based education research

Project Scientist: Kameryn Denaro  (

Postdoctoral Scholar: Elizabeth Park (

Postdoctoral Scholar: Veronika Rozhenkova (

To consult with the DTEI about these services or to discuss your ideas about teaching and learning research, please contact DTEI’s Associate Dean, Brian Sato, For additional campus resources regarding education research, please visit the Education Research Initiative.

Primary mission statement: Promote excellence in research on teaching and learning at UCI

Goal 1: Create a culture of expertise in research on teaching and learning

  1. Promote and provide professional development and support for faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students to assess student learning in their own courses
  2. Provide local and national dissemination of teaching and learning research findings

Goal 2: Improve the use of institutional data in research

  1. Develop mechanisms to make campus data broadly accessible for educational research
  2. Partner with other key data groups on campus (Office of Institutional Research, Center for Assessment and Applied Research, and Office of Information Technology) to achieve this goal

Goal 3: Promote grant funding for teaching and learning research

  1. Bring people together and lead grants
  2. Advise people who are writing grants
  3. Provide evaluation and assessment support to grants written by others

Teaching and Learning Research Resources