Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars who complete University Studies 390X or earn the Certificate in Teaching Excellence can apply for the Pedagogical Liaisons Program. In addition, graduate students who complete the program are fast-tracked to the interview stage of the Pedagogical Fellowship application if they apply.

Selected candidates provide 10 hours of pedagogical service to their department or school. To satisfy the 10-hour minimum, candidates can:

  • facilitate pedagogy workshop(s) for their department or school
  • assist a Pedagogical Fellow with the design and facilitation of the two-day TA Professional Development Program
  • serve on a teaching committee
  • design a course
  • conduct peer observations & teaching consultations

In addition, we will consider other creative ways to meet the 10-hour requirement.

We accept applications year-round: Pedagogical Liaisons Application

Once the 10 hours of service are complete, participants submit a Reflection PaperĀ to complete the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Matthew Mahavongtrakul at