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Enjoy using Canvas Discussion Boards, but wish it had more options? Are you looking for a more versatile and flexible digital communcation platform that can support student engagement and collaboration? Ed Discussion is an easy to use and intuitive third party discussion tool that can be integrated right into your Canvas Course. It has been developed to be applicable across all academic disciplines, with unique features that support the needs of computer science and STEM courses.

What is Ed Discussion?

Ed Discussion PlatformEd Discussion is an online communication and discussion platform that can easily integrate with Canvas to support classroom interaction and communication needs. Discussion board posts created in Ed Discussion can be organized into categories, made private or even allow anonymous posting. Students can post using everything from images, videos, math equations and even code. TAs and Instructors can easily highlight or “endorse” student posts and provide helpful feedback. Students can support each other by answering classmates’ posts and questions. All discussions, posts and questions can be filtered and are searchable so you can quickly and easily locate old threads. Finally, Ed Discussion has detailed analytics that provides instructors with essential information regarding student and TA participation.

Why Use Ed Discussion?

Ed Discussion supports student engagement and communication in all modes of learning, whether in-person, hybrid or online. Students can stay connected with each other and their instructor with this digital communication platform.

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Keep All Course Communication in One Place

Questions and answers can be posted directly in Ed Discussion, minimizing duplicate questions and emails and benefiting the entire class. All student, TA and instructor communication can be contained in one platform.

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Intuitive and Engaging Discussion Interface

An easy to use and organized interface helps keep students engaged and encourages students to express their ideas using a variety of formats.

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Easily Searchable and Organized Questions and Posts

Questions and posts can be organized under different categories. Instructors can set up categories for different weekly topics or modules to organize questions, posts and announcements.

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Supports Communication Needs in STEM Fields

Ed Discussion supports equations, figures, multimedia sources and code. STEM students can easily communicate about course content.

Ed Discussion Examples & Demo

Ed Discussion Settings

Course settings in Ed Discussion

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Ed Discussion Thread Template

Create “Thread Templates” in Ed Discussion

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Ed Discussion Interface

Ed Discussion Interface

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