The Learning Experience Design and Online Teaching Award


For over 20 years, UC Irvine has had the long-standing tradition of honoring teaching excellence during its annual Celebration of Teaching week which takes place every spring quarter. The campus community is invited to nominate individuals to be recognized for excellence in undergraduate teaching. 

The Learning Experience Design and Online Teaching Award was created in 2021 to honor a faculty member (Senate or Unit 18) for demonstrating pedagogical design (learning experience) excellence and creativity in effectively engaging students in an online learning environment.

Table of LEOE Award Plaques

The Review Criteria and Process

The review committee is formed by the UCI faculty, the instructional designers, and students focusing on three course design areas:

Online course and syllabus design
Active teaching strategies for online student engagement
Inclusive teaching and online student support

The review rubric is designed based on the five evidence-based principles for online teaching provided by Dr. Di Xu at UCI’s Online Learning Research Center: 

Clear Course Materials and Website

Clear Course Materials & Website

Clear and well-organized course materials can result in higher grades, avoiding confusion for students

Frequent Communication and Presence

Frequent Communication & Presence

Communicate frequently and in different ways to motivate students to engage in your courses.

Students Connecting

Help Students Connect with Each Other

Create a collaborative environment where students can help each other, enhance their social interaction and engagement.


Build in Self-Regulation Support

A consistent, well-structured course with clear instructions and rubrics supports student directed learning.

Teach your Students Study Skills

Provide resources and explicit guidance regarding online learning to encourage autonomous learning and boost student performance

The Winners of the Learning Experience Design and Online Teaching Award


Alyssa Brewer

Associate Professor in Cognitive Sciences
School of Social Sciences 


Brandon Golob

Assistant Professor of Teaching in Criminology, Law & Society
School of Social Ecology


Zeba Wunderlich

Assistant Professor in Developmental and Cell Biology
School of Biological Sciences