2020 Pedagogical Fellows

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Former Pedagogical Fellows say…

Since participating in the PF Program, my students and colleagues have noticed a dramatic improvement in teaching skills. The PF Program also improved my CV, helping me to secure an academic position.

Nick Petersen Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Miami

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Graduate students who are interested in advanced pedagogy and mentoring other graduate students can apply each year for the Pedagogical Fellows (PF) Program.

The PF Program is a highly regarded “preparing future faculty” program; selection is competitive, based on a record of excellent teaching, promising scholarship, and service to the University, department, and the disciplines’ professional community. The PF Program provides advanced pedagogical and professional development in an interdisciplinary community that emphasizes professional and personal support. In addition, Fellows receive personalized assistance with preparing for the academic job market. Fellows are awarded a $2000 fellowship. Current and former Fellows have done well on the academic and other professional job markets, have been honored for their teaching, and have received a number of competitive fellowships and awards.

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Goals of the PF Program:

By the end of their year in the PF program, Pedagogical Fellows will be able to:

  1. Develop and refine advanced pedagogical skills for use in higher education.
  2. Create and implement a discipline-specific TA Professional Development Program (TAPDP) for new graduate student TAs.
  3. Foster an interdisciplinary community of graduate students focused on improving pedagogical practices.
  4. Prepare competitive application materials for the academic job market.

Criteria for Selection:

To be eligible to apply for the PF Program, applicants must complete one (1) of the following:

  • University Studies 390X
    • NOTE: You will be eligible to apply for the PF Program if you are taking the course at the time of the application deadline (Fall quarter). In addition, if you are taking the online self-paced version, you are eligible to apply for the PF Program so long as you complete the self-paced version by December 1st of the quarter in which you are applying.
  • Certificate in Teaching Excellence
  • EDUC 226 (University Teaching: Concepts and Practices)
  • MAE 295 (Developing Teaching Excellence)

You can be even more competitive if you become a Pedagogical Liaison. Liaisons’ applications are fast-tracked to the interview stage, which  is the final stage of the application process. For information on becoming a Pedagogical Liaison, please click here.

As mentors to other TAs within the Fellow’s department and School, the ideal applicant will have…

  • taught a range of courses within the department over an extended period of time
  • excellent teaching evaluations, with indications of steady improvement over time
  • a clear, exemplified, and well-written cover letter
  • an up-to-date CV, using accepted formatting
  • strong letters of recommendation from supervising UCI faculty who demonstrate the candidate’s credibility as a future researcher, excellent instructor, and mentor to others
  • evidence of service
  • evidence of continuing professional development as instructors
  • genuine interest in learning more about pedagogy

Applicants need to know that being a Fellow requires a year-long commitment, from January through December starting in the Winter quarter and ending in the Fall quarter.  Throughout the appointment, Fellows participate in the following courses and activities:

Winter Quarter: University Studies 390A
Fellows read both general and discipline-specific pedagogical theory, observe and implement evidence-based teaching practices, and build community with their co-Fellows.

Spring Quarter: University Studies 390B
Using many of the principles and skills acquired in 390A, Fellows apply them to the design of a TA Professional Development Program for new TAs in their discipline.

Summer: Pre-Service
Over the course of a couple long days, Fellows present selected TA Professional Development Program workshops to one another and receive feedback in preparation for conducting the fall training.

Welcome Week/Fall
Fellows implement their TA Professional Development Program (orientation for new TAs in their discipline). Depending on their department’s choice, they might receive a partial TA-ship to teach a pedagogy course during the quarter, as well.

Fall Quarter: University Studies 390C
This course focuses on academic and non-academic job preparation and special topics chosen by PFs. PFs also serve as the search and interview committees for the next round of PF applicants.


The application for the 2021 Pedagogical Fellowship will be available soon.

*Note* We strongly recommend that you begin this application early to ensure that you gather all the necessary materials (including the letter of recommendation) before the deadline.


If you have any questions, please email the Director, Dr. Danny Mann at dmann@uci.edu .