The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) and Summer Session are now offering the Summer Teaching Apprenticeship Program (STAP). This program will offer a unique opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to receive teaching training, practice, and mentorship and then teach a summer course as Instructor of Record. The mentorship will come from both faculty and DTEI’s Director of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Instructional Development, Dr. Danny Mann. This hands-on learning experience is ideal for graduate students and postdocs who are interested in pursuing a teaching-related career.

Faculty Mentors:

STAP depends on enthusiastic faculty mentors throughout the campus who are willing to lend their support to the STAP Fellows. Faculty mentors are expected to...

  • In collaboration with the Department or School’s academic coordinator, identify courses to be taught by STAP Fellows.
  • Help to advertise the STAP opportunity to graduate students and postdocs in their department.
  • Meet periodically with the selected Fellows during the academic year leading up to the summer teaching.
  • Coordinate with their department so that the Fellow(s) can serve as a TA for the selected course(s) during the academic year (if applicable). Shadowing the course is also an option.
    • Allow Fellow to guest teach 1 or more class periods and provide feedback to Fellow with guidance from DTEI.
  • Meet with the selected Fellows during summer as needed and after they teach the summer course(s) to reflect on the teaching experience.
  • Provide program feedback.

Faculty who serve as mentors for two STAP Fellows (each serving as instructor of record) will be awarded a $1500 research stipend. Another $500 will be awarded for each additional fellow mentored.

If you are a faculty member interested in participating in STAP, please fill out this short interest form.

STAP Fellows:

STAP Fellows must be able to serve as Instructor of Record during the summer, either as a postdoctoral scholar or a graduate student who has advanced to candidacy (or possesses a Master’s degree in a relevant field). If selected as a STAP Fellow, the candidate must first obtain the approval of their department chair as well as faculty advisor/PI prior to being accepted into the program. STAP Fellows are expected to...

  • Meet periodically with the faculty mentor during the academic year leading up to the summer teaching assignment to discuss pedagogy and the course they will teach during summer.
  • Meet quarterly with the interdisciplinary group of Fellows and Dr. Danny Mann, Director of Grad & Postdoc Instructional Development.
  • Complete University Studies 390X (a quarter-long seminar) offered by the DTEI during Fall or Winter quarter (alternatively, mentees can complete the Certificate in Teaching Excellence).
  • Shadow or TA for the faculty mentor during the academic year while he/she teaches. At this time, you will teach one or more class periods and receive feedback from your mentor.
  • Teach a course as Instructor of Record during Summer Session and meet with mentors to discuss feedback.
  • Provide post-program feedback.

Fellows will earn a STAP Certificate upon completion.

STAP Fellows will be hired by UCI Summer Session and will receive financial compensation to teach during the summer. Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointments and Postdoctoral appointments will be adjusted to compensate for the approximate amount of time trainees will spend teaching. For example, if a postdoctoral trainee is selected to teach one session of the selected course, the postdoctoral appointment will be reduced to 50%. If the postdoctoral trainee is selected to teach two sessions, the appointment will be reduced to 0%.

Program Timeline

June-Fall: Identify faculty mentors and select STAP Fellows
Fall-Summer: STAP Fellows and faculty mentors complete activities listed above
Summer: STAP Fellows teach as Instructor of Record!

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We will contact respondents as soon as the application form opens for teaching opportunities in Summer 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

  • Brian Sato, Associate Dean of the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, at
  • Tom Radmilovich, Assistant Dean of Summer Session, at
  • Danny Mann, Director of Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Instructional Development, at