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Food for Thought: Food and Community Building in the Classroom

Clare Gordon Bettencourt (@dearclare), Department of History “I didn’t realize how much I missed this food line!” Charlette Gregorian, Pedagogical Fellow 2019 Following two days of facilitating the Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program (TAPDP), a required training for incoming TAs at UC Irvine, this year’s cohort of Pedagogical Fellows streamed into the kitchen adjacent to the classroom where we have met weekly since the beginning of 2019. While this meeting was […]

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Do Scantron Tests on College Campuses Increase Summative Assessment Measurement Error?

Samantha Garcia, MPH, CHES, Program in Public Health Summative assessments are assessments that provide evidence of students’ cumulative knowledge learned throughout a course.1 While it is essential for students to master course content and build a foundation in that topic area, summative assessments given in the form of a Scantron-based standardized exams may not adequately measure the intended objective. What if our assessments have measurement error? What if the measurement […]

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In with the Good and Out with the Bad: Promoting Healthy Stress in Class

Alicia Hoffman, Department of Chemistry Stress is correlated with both improved and diminished academic achievement. Students are successful when there is a drive to attain high standards, but too much stress negatively impacts learning and memory and increases underachievement, dropout rates, and depression.1,2 Therefore, maintaining a balance between too stressful and not stressful enough is important for students to do well in the classroom. Eustress (good stress) can drive productivity, creativity, […]

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