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Taking Modern Pedogogy into the Large Classroom

Marc Sprague-Piercy, Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry The current thinking in pedagogy is moving away from the traditional classroom model. In the traditional classroom for large classes of undergraduates there is a clear plan. The students are given a series of readings that are to be done before or […]

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5 Tips for Providing Feedback in Large Online Courses

Daniel Relihan, MA, Department of Psychological Science Online college and university courses have become increasingly common over the past decade. One reason for this increase is because online courses are cost effective for universities. For instance, they allow universities to charge tuition without the cost of brick-and-mortar space. Consequently, there […]

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Making a Large Class Small

Alessandra C. Martini, Ph.D, UCI Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders There’s a unique set of challenges that can reduce student learning and exhaust faculty members teaching large-enrollment courses. Among so many people, it is easy for students to feel anonymous, disengage, and obtain a less favorable grade. Within […]

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