Provost Faculty Fellows will complete a data driven departmental/school project leveraging the growing sources of data available to departments/schools (i.e. COMPASS) that connects to the performance of students.


The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce this call for Provost Faculty Fellows.  Provost Faculty Fellows will complete a data driven departmental/school project leveraging the growing sources of data available to departments/schools (i.e. COMPASS) that connects to the performance of students.  

These include categories such as:

  1. Student performance in “essential” courses: gateway courses to specific majors, particular bottleneck courses at important transition points in the major or for incoming transfer students, important courses for a large fraction of undergraduate students.
  2. Writing across the curriculum
  3. Change of major patterns for populations of students.
  4. Retention rates for populations of students
  5. Graduation rates for populations of students
  6. Time to degree for populations of students
  7. GPA at graduation for populations of students
  8. Effectiveness of overall curriculum in a major
  9. Achievement of program learning outcomes
  10.  Satisfaction of students within a major
  11. Other questions of student success as defined by the department or school

Within these broad categories, proposals need to be for projects aimed at improving student success at the department or School level by institutionalizing a set of proposed changes to courses, curriculum, academic advising, or other institutional structures. Additionally, given the importance of writing across the curriculum, especially at the upper division level, we will reserve funding for one proposal focused on writing & communication in the department or school. 

Proposal Details 

The proposed changes need to be in response to issues that have been identified through the use of the above data. Projects are expected to last three years. Funded proposals will receive $25K plus OVPTL staff resources to support the project, including assistance with access to institutional data, curriculum modification, and assessment. Each project should be implemented within the first year of the proposal, contain an assessment plan, and have sufficient time to implement a modified version of the project based on this assessment if needed. 

Examples of proposed activities include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Curricular changes that address clearly identified bottlenecks to student success.
  2. Course reform driven at the department level to ensure institutionalization that addresses differential outcomes for student groups
  3. Advising and/or curricular reforms aimed at change of major patterns for different student groups
  4. Development of comprehensive approaches to one or more competencies, as identified by WASC
  5. Development of integrated approaches to writing within the departmental curriculum to address issues with student writing identified by the data 

Each proposal should address the following: 

  1. Senate Faculty lead (or co-leads) who will be identified as the Provost Faculty Fellow and responsible for the execution of the project, including annual reports.
  2. What is the question/issue that is being addressed and what is the evidence (data) that this is an issue?
  3. Brief description of the proposed activities and how they will address the above issue.
  4. Evidence that the activities have the full support of the department or School (depending on the scope of the project). For department based projects, a department vote and evidence that the project was presented at a faculty meeting is required. School based projects need to undergo an equivalent process.
  5. Plan for institutionalization of proposed changes.
  6. Brief description of how the project will be assessed. There is an expectation that in the three years there will be at least one assessment, followed by any relevant revisions implemented based on this initial assessment, and then a final assessment.
  7. Description of type of staff support being requested from OVPTL, if any. This can include help with designing and offering faculty workshops on particular topics, assessment, data collection and analysis.
  8. Plans for dissemination of the results of the project, both to the campus and beyond. 

In preparing the proposal, units are encouraged to reach out to OVPTL staff to discuss data, acquire additional data, and discuss project design.  Options for working with OVPTL staff include meeting with the CAAR team (contact info:, working with the DTEI staff (contact info:, or the COMPASS team (contact info: For a proposal focused on writing, we strongly recommend consultation with the Campus Writing & Communication Coordinator, Daniel Gross ( We are planning to provide a limited number of proposal workshops, so watch for future announcements.

Proposals are due by March 27, 2020 (end of spring break). Review of proposals will be by the OVPTL Faculty Leadership and awards will be announced by Week 4 of Spring Quarter. We expect to award up to 4 projects for this call.

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