/ Workshop: How People Learn: Creating an assessment mosaic to encourage spaced learning

Workshop: How People Learn: Creating an assessment mosaic to encourage spaced learning

January 23, 2020
9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

1030 AIRB

Facilitator: Taffeta Wood, Pedagogical Fellow

Date, Time, and Location: Thursday, January 23rd from 1:30pm-3pm in AIRB 1030

Mosaic assessment can promote students progression from surface learning to deep learning while gamified scoring of such assessments can promote engagement and student ownership over their progress in a positive and rewarding learning community. In this workshop we will collaboratively discuss and create a plan for using mosaic assessment in your teaching. Mosaic assessment in our workshop refers to giving your students multiple ways of demonstrating their understanding of content over time via different types of evidence. These include but are not limited to: role-playing, written reflections, mini-Ted Talks, quizzes and tests, creative projects as well as papers written via multiple drafts. As many of us already incorporate these multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning for our students, this workshop will also include how to leverage gamification to promote student engagement and motivation. Neuro-cognitive aspects of learning, particularly spaced learning, will be highlighted. The goal of our workshop is to promote your students’ learning and your understanding of their learning via multiple forms of assessment to guide your instruction. Workshop attendees will demonstrate their learning by completing a mini syllabus incorporating mosaic assessment OR by reworking a previously completed syllabus of their choosing. Please bring syllabi you are currently writing or would like to rewrite. OR, join us with nothing in hand and we will support you in the creation of a mini-syllabus that incorporates mosaic assessment.

Feel free to bring your lunch!

** This workshop partially meets the How People Learn requirement for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence.

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