/ Step Forward to Inclusive Teaching

Step Forward to Inclusive Teaching

May 5, 2022
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Presenters: Bo Choi, Instructional Designer, DTEI; Anita C. Bradford, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Chicano/Latino Studies; Pavan Kadandale, Lecturer SOE, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

One of the first places that our students encounter and experience true college life happens in the classroom. Therefore it is crucial to make your classroom more inclusive and more accessible so that all students are given the opportunity to experience and thrive in their learning.  

In this session, we will start with questions, what is inclusive teaching and why it should be important to you? What things can be done to make the teaching and learning environment more inclusive? We have invited UCI faculty who will share the importance and awareness of Inclusive teaching and the impact it has on our students to thrive to success. Rethinking about how to measure student’s learning and fostering a growth mindset into their teaching to promote inclusion.