Our workshops provide opportunities for faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate students and postdocs to discuss best practices in teaching and learning. Some workshops, indicated by the module category, partially meet the requirements for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence. You will need to write a reflection on the workshop to apply workshop attendance towards the Certificate requirements.

Please note that the Course Design Certificate Program is offered every quarter.

The DTEI will also create a tailor-made workshop for a particular department, School, or instructional group. Contact the DTEI to request a workshop (dtei@uci.edu).

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NOTE: If you have signed up for a workshop and are no longer able to attend, please let Dr. Matthew Mahavongtrakul (mmahavon@uci.edu) as soon as you can. “No-shows” will be noted in any Pedagogical Fellows Program application.

Workshops at a Glance (2018-2019)

Here are our planned workshop offerings for the 2018-2019 academic year. Please note that these are subject to change and should only serve as a rough guide. Click on the workshop links in the calendar below for more information, including how to RSVP. Workshops in bold partially satisfy the requirements for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence.

Fall 2018

  • Course Design Certificate Program
  • Active Learning: How to create buy-in and choose active learning techniques
  • Instructional Technology: Canvas, Canvas, Canvas! How to navigate this year’s transition from EEE to Canvas
  • How People Learn: Cross-discipline learning: Breadth vs. depth in shaping how students integrate different topics in the real world

Winter 2019

  • Course Design Certificate Program
  • Collaborative Learning: Learning isn’t just for students! How to involve yourself in the collaborative classroom environment
  • Diversity: The bimodal classroom: Why we should not teach to the “average” student
  • Assessment: What exams don’t tell you about your students: The case for using multiple forms of assessment

Spring 2019

  • Course Design Certificate Program
  • Active Learning: How to leverage the new Anteater Learning Pavilion classrooms to maximize active learning
  • Diversity: Addressing diverse learning styles in the classroom: Things to keep in mind when designing classroom activities
  • How People Learn: Novice vs. expert: Things to consider about our students and strategies for facilitating learning

Summer 2019

  • Course Design Certificate Program (early summer)
  • Course Design Certificate Program (late summer)

Workshop Calendar: