The TLRC is available to support UCI researchers with experimental design and statistical support. We are skilled in all aspects of educational research and offer a broad range of services including:

  • Background literature reviews
  • Personal experience with teaching and active learning in many environments (online and face-to-face)
  • Experimental design
  • IRB submission support
  • Statistical development
    • Power analysis
    • Data organization
    • Data management
    • Statistical analysis
  • Grant support for Educational Plans, Broader Impacts
  • Evaluation Support for New and Existing Grants
    • Evaluation plans
      • Logic Models
      • Formative Evaluations
      • Summative Evaluations
  • Project management

Initial Meeting

We encourage you to schedule an initial meeting with us early in your planning. Initial consultations are free, and we provide extended support to senate faculty who are interested in long-term education research and improving their teaching.

Who Can Use Our services?

Our services are available to faculty of University of California, Irvine and to industry, businesses, and individuals outside of the university.


For University clients:

  • The TLRC is a nonprofit research center. We have established a recharge fund as the simplest method of accounting for our services.
  • To add us as assessors or researchers to your grant submission, we can be listed at $80 / hour, or as a percent of annual effort, per your preference.
  • To collaborate on individual projects, the initial consultation is free. Subsequent visits and analyses will be billed at an hourly recharge rate. By mutual agreement, alternative forms of compensation may take the place of hourly billing.

For Business clients:

  • Initial consultation and subsequent analyses will both be billed at an hourly rate. Current rates may be obtained by calling the current director.


To learn more, contact the Interim Director, Brian Sato, at