Are you interested in learning how your courses or programs are impacting undergraduate student success? Would access to certain data or assistance with analyses of these data help you answer those questions? For faculty interested in exploring these questions, the UCI Center for Assessment and Applied Research (CAAR) and the UCI Teaching and Learning Research Center (TLRC) are collaborating to present the Academic Success Research (ASR) Fellows program. This program can provide institutional data, analytic support or analysis to faculty who are interested in promoting student success by examining a specific course, departmental, or school issues related to teaching and learning. Awardees who meet all participation criteria (below) will be awarded $2,000.

Successful proposals will make a connection between a problem, a plan to study that problem using institutional data and highlight possible actions that might be taken based on what is learned.


Senate faculty (or full-time Unit 18 Continuing Lecturers) with an interest in promoting student success who require particular institutional data or analytic support to better understand where and how to improve student success are eligible to submit a proposal. Proposals should focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  • Increasing student retention and graduation
  • Characterizing weaknesses in preparation for incoming students and responding with evidence-based solutions
  • Closing gaps in achievement or performance between groups of students
  • Measuring the effectiveness of particular teaching methods or departmental programs
  • Identifying trends in student demographics or choices that may inform planning at the departmental level

Applications are due November 22nd through a short online application.

ASR Fellows will be notified by mid-December.


Faculty accepted to the Academic Success Research Fellows program will be required to:

  • Attend an orientation meeting in January with the Directors of CAAR and TLRC
  • Meet with researchers and other fellows monthly during winter quarter
  • Present the projects finding during UCI Teach Week in April
  • Report findings back to department in some way, with the goal of addressing the issue being studied

After successfully completing all of the above participants will be awarded $2,000 to their research funds account.

Email Gary Coyne, at the Center for Assessment and Applied Research, at coyneg@uci.edu if you have any questions.