Graduate students who are interested in completing a small education research project in a course taught at UCI are eligible to apply for a $1000 TLRC Fellowship. These fellowships are specifically designed to match the requirements for a CIRTL TAR project and require a graduate student have:

  • Been an instructor of record or a TA with instructor responsibilities
  • Ideally, advanced to candidacy. First or second year students are not generally accepted.
  • Completed either Uni Studies 390A or X, or Uni Studies 395
  • The approval of their advisor
  • The approval of the instructor of record for the course to be studied, preferably in their own discipline.

Sample projects:

  • A physics grad student creates an online video and quiz to help students better understand the brightness of non-identical lightbulbs in series. Evaluate effectiveness with pre and post testing.
  • A chemistry grad student modifies one of her discussion sections to include more active learning. She compares performance on the final exam between the students who had the active learning section vs the more traditional instruction.
  • A criminology graduate student obtains data on introductory students who complete the weekly online quizzes late at night vs early evening. He sends survey data to these students to gather information on work hours and other responsibilities, along with attitudes about the difficulty of the course content.

Interested graduate students are encouraged to contact the Director to submit an application: Daniel Mann,