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The DTEI offers several ongoing opportunities for instructors, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows to enhance teaching and learning:

Advanced Pedagogy Seminars for Future Faculty

Topics include: research on how adults learn; paradigm shifts in higher education pedagogy; evidenced-based practices; designing instruction (lesson and course development); creating an inclusive learning environment; using instructional tools and resources; and integrating active and collaborative learning into course design and implementation. Learn more about advanced pedagogy seminars.

Certificate in Course Design

This multi-session program helps instructors to learn to design courses with assessment, learning outcomes, and pedagogical strategies in mind.  The program provides faculty with evidence-based strategies for course design and affords an opportunity for participants to begin designing an actual course.  Participants will receive feedback and support during and after the program.  For more information, click the Current Workshop icon at the top of this page.

Celebration of Teaching

UCI honors some of its outstanding instructors at the annual Celebration of Teaching.  Founded in 1992, to date over 300 professors, lecturers, and TAs have been recognized by their colleagues and students for exemplary teaching. Learn more.

Certificate in Engaged Instruction

Faculty who already use active learning and would like priority reservations for Active Learning Classrooms are eligible for the Certificate in Engaged Instruction.

To get the Certificate, a DTEI instructional development associate will coordinate with you to observe your teaching.  The instructor will be given ahead of time the rubric that the associate will use in observing the class session.

Your Certificate can also be submitted as part of your tenure and promotion files to demonstrate active professional development in teaching.

If you do not use active learning and would like to learn how, scroll down to the Active Learning Institute.

Contact the DTEI at x46060 or email

Certificate in Teaching Excellence

The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation offers a Certificate in Teaching Excellence Program (CTEP). The purpose of the Program is to provide extended pedagogical training and experience for UCI graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Learn more.

Colloquia & Institutes

Throughout the year the DTEI offers pedagogically-related colloquia, and multi-day, topic- specific institutes. Workshop topics have included Creating an Inclusive Classroom, Best Practices for Hybrid & Online Learning, and Active & Collaborative Learning, to name a few.  Departments and Schools can also request tailor-made workshops on topics of their choosing.  For a list of upcoming workshops and Colloquia, please click here.  To R.S.V.P., please contact the DTEI at

Consultations (Teaching)

A mainstay of the DTEI, teaching consultation is available to all faculty, lecturers, and TAs at UCI.  Instructors at all levels and with a wide range of teaching evaluations come for consultation, and for a variety of reasons. Consultations are free and confidential. Learn more.

Digital Teaching & Learning Consultation

Are you considering adding clickers to your classroom? Are you wondering how you might use Canvas to make grading more efficient? Are you hoping to move some lecture content to video, but don’t want to waste hours researching tools and software online?  Email us at

Active Learning Institute (ALI)

The Institute is designed for faculty who would like to learn more about and to implement active/collaborative learning in their teaching. The Institute comprises a modest number of readings over the summer, two virtual meetings in August, and face-to-face meetings during the fall quarter. Successful completion of the Institute will provide faculty with priority scheduling for classrooms designated as Active Learning Classrooms, as well as priority for other resources. Applications are due by July 1, 2018. To learn more, click here.  For questions, please contact the DTEI at

Your Certificate can also be submitted as part of your tenure and promotion files to demonstrate active professional development in teaching.

Faculty Pedagogical Reading Group

Join us for discussions about pedagogical books and how they influence our own teaching. Learn more about the picks for 2017-2018 and join here. Books and refreshments provided by the DTEI.

Hybrid & Online Teaching

It is increasingly common for faculty and departments to be interested in how to use online tools to improve student learning, either through adding resources to a face-to-face class or converting a class to a hybrid or online format. Learn about UCI’s Hybrid Course Initiative. Contact us to learn more:

Learning Communities (LCs)

Learning Communities are groups of faculty, staff, and/or students from across disciplines who work together in groups of 6-15 to engage in active, collaborative, year-long study of how best to enhance teaching and learning within their academic contexts. DTEI supports such groups – learn more.

Media Services for Undergraduate Education

UCI Media Services can provide several forms of video and media production. Please see UCI Media Services for more information about use in undergraduate education.

New Faculty Teaching Academy

Each year in early September, new appointees, regardless of experience level, are invited to a participate in a series of workshops on teaching at UCI. Designed to be highly practical, participants learn skills from course design to classroom technology use. Participants receive a Certificate of Participation that can be added to their tenure and promotion files. Open to all new faculty hires, including professorial, LPSOE, & LSOE ranks. Learn more.

Pedagogical Fellowship (PF) Program

Graduate students who are interested in advanced pedagogy and mentoring other graduate students can apply each Summer-Fall for the Pedagogical Fellowship Program. The PF Program is a highly regarded “preparing future faculty” program; selection is competitive, based on a record of excellent teaching, promising scholarship, and service to the University, department, and the disciplines’ professional community. Learn more.

Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program (TAPDP) & International TA Training (ITAT)

Our “TAP DAP” program is a university-wide effort to train all new graduate teaching assistants in the basics of best practices for teaching and learning in their discipline. Learn more.


Every quarter the DTEI offers a number of workshops on a wide variety of teaching-related topics. Many of these workshops also meet part of the requirements for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence. The DTEI will also create a tailor-made workshop for a particular department, School, or instructional group.  Contact the DTEI to request a workshop (

Current Workshops

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