Pedagogy Seminars for Future Faculty


University Studies 390 A, B, and C
(Pedagogical Fellows only)

All new Pedagogical Fellows enroll in a two sequential seminars designed to prepare future faculty for successful academic career.

US 390A begins in Winter Quarter; topics include: how learning works; evidenced-based practices; designing instruction (lesson and course development); creating an inclusive learning environment; using instructional tools and resources; and integrating active and collaborative learning into course design and implementation. Us390A is restricted to newly appointed Pedagogical Fellows and requires an authorization code to enroll.

US 390B continues in Spring Quarter and is designed to help the Pedagogical Fellows to apply what they have learned in 390A to the design and implementation of the TA Professional Development Program.  Fellows design a two-day series of integrated workshops for new TAs in their discipline or closely related ones.  The workshops are meant to model best practices as well as to introduce new TAs to their roles and responsibilities, to provide TAs with practice performing many of the tasks they will have as TAs, and to assist new TAs in developing a supportive teaching community, complete with departmental and campus-wide resources.

US 390C is in Fall Quarter and focuses on academic job preparation and special topics in pedagogy chosen by the Pedagogical Fellows.

University Studies 390X
(Open to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows)

US 390X (formerly US 390A/Seminar B) is open to any instructor, graduate student, or post-doctoral fellow wishing to learn more about higher education pedagogy, to get some additional teaching experience, and to complete many of the requirements for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence.  In this seminar, participants explore essentially the same topics as do the Pedagogical Fellows (above).

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