Zoom in on the map to explore where some of our former Pedagogical Fellows (2015-2020) have accepted positions after completing the program.
Blue markers indicate academic positions, while yellow markers indicate industry positions.

Since 2015-2016, about 88% of our Pedagogical Fellowship cohorts have accepted positions at academic institutions around the world. 45% of our PFs have received tenure-track/permanent academic positions in a variety of disciplines, including humanities, arts, and STEM fields.

Pedagogical Fellows

Former PF Testimonials

Since participating in the PF Program, my students and colleagues have noticed a dramatic improvement in teaching skills. The PF Program also improved my CV, helping me to secure an academic position.

Nick Petersen

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Miami

The invaluable training encouraged me to consider the diverse educational needs of students and the instructional design assistance helped me to become a more effective instructor.

Maria Patrice Amon

Lecturer of Chicana and Chicano Studies, San Diego State University

The program also helped me find ways to come up with better lesson plans that actually took less time to prepare.  In general I feel like the PF program prepared me for many aspects of my job and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in academia.

Patrick Button

Assistant Professor of Economics, Tulane University

Because of my participation in the PF program, during campus interviews I was more confident talking about a range of topics from syllabus design to integrating active learning in the classroom. I think this made a big difference in the job interview process!

Edelina Burciaga

Assistant Professor of Sociology, CU Denver

The PF program addressed many areas that I was worried about in my teaching development and preparation, namely preparing and executing a class, implementing new pedagogy into the classroom, and setting myself apart in the job search.

Gregory Suryn

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Whitman College