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Pair-Programming: Is It Effective for Learning?

Saehanseul Yi, Department of Computer Science Pair-Programming in Classrooms Pair-programming is a programming paradigm where two or more programmers share a single computer. Lindvall et al. show that pair-programming is effective in professional fields because programmers are able to share knowledge with each other [1]. Therefore, pair-programming [2] is being widely adopted in classrooms. By programming in pairs, students can reinforce their individual learning by helping their peers solve programming […]

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Active Learning in Computer Science

Caio Batista de Melo, Department of Computer Science Active Learning is an already popular concept, and a lot of instructors are familiar with it. However, there were very few times I have taken a Computer Science (CS) class that was not based only on lectures. Why is that? Back in 1996, McConnell [1] explored the effects and usefulness of active learning in CS. In this work, the author proposes the […]

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