Instructor Resources

Teaching Strategies and Materials


Resources at UCI


  • Student privacy and FERPA regulations
  • Using the UCI learning management systems
  • Important dates and deadlines

Other Third Party Resources

Magna Publications

The Idea Center

The Idea Center has traditionally provided resources for teaching evaluation, but it also now offers online pedagogical information and podcasts.  To learn more, click here.

Teaching with Technology


  • Improving in-class interactions
  • Effective pre-class assignments
  • Screencasting best practices
  • Clicker best practices

Teaching in Large Lectures


  • How students learn
  • The benefits of active learning
  • The benefits of a high-structure classroom

Resources for Online and Hybrid Teaching


  • Best practices for online and hybrid classes
  • Screencasting tools
  • Creating videos that utilize handwriting

Evidence of Effective Teaching

small weller

  • Creating examples for AP review for faculty
  • Ideas for the “second piece of evidence,” including syllabi and teaching inventories
  • Resources for individuals and departments for peer review of teaching