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Frequently Asked Questions

A teaching consultation is an opportunity to discuss your teaching opportunities and challenges, new course design, or evidence-based teaching strategies. Contact the program director at to schedule a consultation.

DTEI doesn’t have long-term grant money for research projects for faculty, but there are occasionally specific grants available. The TLRC is a good resource for current foundation and federal grants that might match your project. Learn more here:

The TLRC has experts in education research and institutional data. Contact the Director at

To qualify for priority access under the current pilot, instructors should attend the Engaged Learning Institute or request a retroactive certification. To determine the best option for you, please contact the Program Director for Faculty Instructional Development at

All of the programs listed here are open to post-docs, with the exception of the Pedagogical Fellows Program. These programs include the Certificate in Course Design, Certificate in Teaching Excellence, all workshops, and consultations. We will be debuting more workshops and programs in the near future, so please check this website often!

You need to either have a Master’s degree, or have advanced to candidacy to be considered at UCI and at the community college level. For additional training and priority placement, consider the Certificate in Course Design and the Instructor of Record Training Program.