Travel Grants have been suspended for the 2020-2021 Academic Year due to budget constraints.


The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) is excited to offer travel grants (up to $1,000 each) for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows attending conferences or institutes related to pedagogy in higher education. Two rounds of applications will be held during the year.


In order to qualify for a DTEI travel grant, you must:

  • Be registered as a full-time UCI graduate student or post-doctoral fellow
  • Be attending a conference related to pedagogy in higher education
  • Not have received a DTEI travel grant in the past two application cycles
  • Not have other funding awards for your trip exceeding the amount requested from this application

While presenting is not required, applicants presenting pedagogical research will be given priority.

Application Deadlines (due to budget constraints, no travel awards will be granted in the 2020-2021 academic year)

There are two cycles of applications. The deadlines are:

  • October 24th for conferences starting between November 1st until April 7th
  • March 24th for conferences starting between April 8th until October 31st

*Under special circumstances, eligible travel expenses that occurred during the academic quarter before the deadline may be considered for the grant. Contact to check if you qualify.


Please click here to download the application form. Completed applications can be sent to Dr. Daniel Mann at before the deadline.

Award Policies and Disbursement Information

Awards will be determined by the DTEI Grad & Postdoc Travel Grant Committee. Applicants will be notified by e-mail whether or not a grant has been awarded. If the conference the applicant is cancelled or the applicant decides not to attend, the applicant must notify Dr. Daniel Mann at immediately and the grant will be revoked. In addition, the grant is to be used solely for the conference for which the applicant indicated on the application form.

If you are awarded a travel grant, after your travel is complete, you must complete a DTEI Travel Grant Receipt Form and include digital receipts (scanned copies are acceptable) totaling the amount requested on the application. You must also include proof of attendance, including registration confirmation receipt (including payment amount/method), travel documents (ex. airline tickets with dates of travel of the conference and your name as the passenger), and a flyer of the conference. Also, you must fill out the DTEI Travel Grant Reflection Form. Lastly, you must submit an article to be reviewed for publication in our Future Leaders in Pedagogy Development (FLIP’D) Blog. Here are the blog article submission guidelines:

  • Word count: between 400-1000 words (not including the title and references).
  • Scope: the article should focus on your experience at the conference. Give readers a few sentences of background about the conference for context, then go into your experiences and what you learned.
  • Audience: the blog article is not meant to be too technical, so feel free to infuse your own voice and experiences, so long as it doesn’t detract from the message you are trying to convey. Feel free to use images (so long as they are not copyrighted, and cite appropriately) if you wish.
  • Sections:
    • Title
    • Your name as you would like it to appear. Feel free to include any advanced degrees if you want. If you would like your name to link to a professional website, feel free to link it.
    • Article body. Make sure your paragraphs are short, and that the article reads well. Use subheadings to break up the text. I will edit it before publishing on our website. Use bullets or other paragraph breaks as necessary.
    • Optional: References, using whatever citation style is preferred in your field.
  • Format: Word doc.

Click here for a sample submission.

After you have e-mailed the necessary documents to Dr. Daniel Mann at, your grant will be distributed within 30 days.