Digital and Online Teaching Support

DTEI is devoted to facilitate faculty in exploring the possibilities in digital learning, technology enhanced pedagogy, and online education to support UCI’s strategic goals of  “foster excellence in teaching and learning” and “utilize modern technological tools to create the most effective learning environments”.

BUILD: We partner with OIT to facilitate faculty developing online/hybrid courses on Canvas. We…

  • Develop self-support master’s programs, summer courses,  and ILTI funded courses
  • Provide customized the Canvas navigation/interface design
  • Offer faculty consultation in developing a Canvas site for an online/hybrid course
  • Record course videos in various ways in the production studio , such as green screen, Learning glass, etc.
SUPPORT: We provide faculty consultation and  address questions about teaching with technologies during the course preparation period as well as when the course is in session. Faculty can stop by The Open Lab on Tuesday or Friday from 12 to 2pm in AIRB 3010 to receive support in…

  • Transferring learning materials from EEE to Canvas
  • Selecting suitable lecture recording tools and video host solutions
  • Setting up live web conferences to meet students online (e.g. Zoom)
  • Incorporating the Third Party Tools (e.g. iClicker, TurnItin, and ProctorU) to Canvas’ gradebook
TRAIN: We offer various faculty workshops to facilitate faculty to be well-prepared to teach with technologies. We also invite faculty who have successfully integrated technologies in teaching to showcase their experience as well as sharing tips, tricks, best practices, and lesson learned.

  • Teaching with Technology Workshops
  • Customized faculty training for a specific department or program
  • Getting Started in Online or Hybrid Teaching

For more information or request for instructional design support, please contact us at (949) 824-3594 or send an email to