Certificate in Teaching Excellence Program (CTEP)

The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation is offering its Certificate in Teaching Excellence Program (CTEP); it is intended to provide extended pedagogical training and experience for UCI graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in a flexible and self-paced manner.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this program, participants will be able to…

Main Topics of Study

There are four ways to earn the Certificate:

1. (Grad students and post-docs) You complete the University Studies 390X seminar.  For information regarding 390X, please click here.

Pros: Simplicity, accountability, completion on graduate student transcript
Cons: Regular class meetings and assignments may not work for your schedule

Note: If you take 390X in the Fall quarter, or will be completing the online self-paced version by the end of the Fall quarter, you are eligible to apply for the Pedagogical Fellowship that quarter.

2. (Grad students and post-docs) You complete the Certificate in a self-paced manner online using Canvas (see next section). There are modules online to upload evidence of studying various topics for the Certificate. This evidence takes the form of write-ups such as reflections and analyses of readings or DTEI workshops (go here for upcoming workshops and find the sessions marked for partially meeting Certificate requirements. An exit interview will be necessary to complete the self-paced Certificate. We will do our best to accommodate grads and post-docs working abroad. Contact Dr. Matthew Mahavongtrakul at mmahavon@uci.edu for any questions regarding completion of the requirements.

Pros: Complete at your own pace
Cons: More complex, may take longer than one quarter, less accountability

3. (Grad students only) You take an approved department-specific pedagogy course. To verify that your pedagogy course can be used to meet the Certificate requirements, please contact Dr. Matthew Mahavongtrakul at mmahavon@uci.edu.

Pros: Apply past experience towards Certificate, may appear on graduate student transcript
Cons: Course may not meet all the requirements

 4. (Grad students only) You are a 2017 or former Pedagogical Fellow. To learn more about the Pedagogical Fellowship Program, click here.

How to Enroll in the Self-Paced Method

The Self-Paced method must be completed within Canvas and completed independently. There is no regular instructor involvement and the modules can be completed in any order.

To enroll in the course, complete these two steps:

  1. Click this link to register with Free Canvas and enroll in the course
  2. Save this URL in your bookmarks (https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/954112). It is the location of this course, and can be accessed from any browser.

That’s it! You can begin by accessing the Modules page. The staff of the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation can answer questions upon request. Once you finish the modules, including all of the observations, contact Dr. Matthew Mahavongtrakul at mmahavon@uci.edu to schedule an exit interview.

In What Order Should I Complete the Modules?

You can complete the Modules in any order, but here’s a suggestion:

1. How People Learn

2. Active Learning

3. Inclusive Teaching

4. Collaborative Learning

5. Instructional Technology

6. Assessment

7. Course/Lesson Design

Observations and Being Observed can be done at any time; however, you might want to be observed once before you have participated in any of the Certificate requirement, once during the middle of your progress, and then once towards the completion of the Certificate. Click here to set up observations.