Category: Tech for Teaching

Introduction to G Suite at UCI

If you are like most academics, you are familiar with Google’s Gmail. You may also have a Google calendar you share with family members, perhaps used a shared Google Doc with a colleague, or even set up G Suite as a backup tool on your computer. Here, we’re going to talk about how Google Apps at UCI[…]

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Examples of Effective Screencasts

Are you intrigued by the idea of moving some of your lecture content out of class? Is there a common confusion your students have – and you have often wished you could point them to a simple explanation? Consider making your own class video. Some faculty have moved ALL of their lectures out of class[…]

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Doceri in the Lecture Hall

As an instructor, there are clear benefits to engaging students while they are working on difficult problems in the classroom. Dr. Nancy Aguilar-Roca teaches ecology and physiology, and regularly asks students to predict whether an experimental change will cause the line on a graph to go up or down. Dr. David Kirkby teaches quantum physics in[…]

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