AAU ALL-STEM Fellowships for Faculty and Graduate Students

The Division of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a new fellowship available in 2017 to faculty who teach large, first-year STEM courses.

The 2017 AAU ALL-STEM Fellowship will provide training to eight STEM faculty members who are interested in adding a small amount of active learning to their lecture time. The goal is to generate 5-10 minutes of organized and effective group work per class. Sample projects include ONE of the following:

The training will be focused on helping faculty create effective activities that are simple to “grade” and generate opportunities for you to talk to your students as they struggle with problem-solving in class.

In addition, up to eight STEM graduate students can partner with the faculty to complete a small research project assessing the effectiveness of that teaching.

AAU ALL-STEM Faculty Fellows will:

Faculty Fellows will receive $700 upon completion of their course redesign, and $700 upon presentation of their experiences teaching the redesign at the ALL-STEM campus conference.

AAU ALL-STEM Graduate Student Fellows will:

Graduate Student Fellows will receive $500 upon completion of the course redesign and submission of their assessment plan. They will receive another $500 upon presentation of their assessment results at the ALL-STEM campus conference. Graduate students who complete the project may apply for a CIRTL Practitioner Level.

All faculty and graduate students will receive free consultation as desired on their redesign from the Teaching and Learning Research Center.

For more information and the link to the application, please contact Adrienne Williams, Director of the Teaching and Learning Research Center, at adriw@uci.edu