2018 Celebration of Teaching Award Nominations

The campus community is invited to nominate individuals to be recognized for excellence in undergraduate teaching at the 25th Annual Celebration of Teaching. This event is sponsored by the Academic Senate Council on Teaching, Learning, & Student Experience (CTLSE) and the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, and is hosted by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI).

The Celebration of Teaching will take place on:

Thursday, April 26th, 2018
University Student Center, Pacific Ballroom D

A light reception and photo opportunity follows.

Nominations are due by 11:45pm, Sunday, February 25th, 2018. Only completed nominations submitted on the appropriate forms will be considered.

Recipients of these awards are selected by members of Council on Teaching, Learning & Student Engagement, the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, and the Vice Provost & Dean of the Graduate Division.

There are two types of awards—campus-wide monetary awards and Deans’ Honorees. Instructions and descriptions for each award may be found by clicking on the links to the nomination forms:


Recipients for these awards are selected competitively. There are a number of award categories, each with a $1000 professional development stipend:

2018 Dr. De Gallow Professor of the Year   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/PROFESSOR2018

Eligibility:  All professorial ranks.  Funding for this award is provided through the generosity of the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning.

2018 Lecturer of the Year   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/LECTURER2018%20

Eligibility: Lecturer/Unit 18 (full or part-time).  Funding for this award is provided through the generosity of the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning.

2018 TA Professional Development Award   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/TA2018

Eligibility:  all professorial ranks, lecturer titles, and non-Senate academics.  Funding for this award is provided through the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

2018 Instructional Technology Innovation Award   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/TECH2018

Eligibility:  all professorial & lecturer ranks.  This award may be bestowed on a group as well. Funding for this award is provided through the generosity of the Office of Information Technology.

2018 Most Promising Future Faculty   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/FUTURE2018

Eligibility: All graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy by winter 2018 and who will have at least one-quarter (fall, winter, or spring) left to complete their doctoral degree are eligible. Each recipient will be awarded a one-quarter dissertation fellowship and fee waiver.

Two graduate students will be selected from the nomination pool as “Most Promising Future Faculty”; generally, however, they are selected from different departments and Schools.

The Council will also recognize one graduate student as Most Promising Future Faculty Member who is completing her or his degree in spring or summer 2018. Although this award does not include the dissertation fellowship or fees, the recipient will receive an engraved award and will be recognized at the event, along with the two dissertation fellowship recipients.


The second category of awards is the Dean’s Honorees:

2018 DEANS’ HONOREES   https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/DEANS

Deans are also requested to select one Senate faculty member as their School’s honoree for Teaching Excellence in Undergraduate Education.  Honorees will receive an engraved plaque provided by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, and they will be recognized at the 2018 Celebration of Teaching.

CRITERIA FOR AWARDS: Criteria for each award are noted on the nomination form.  In general, evidence of teaching effectiveness can include, but is not limited to, the following:

*…specifies, with examples, why the nominee is deserving of the award;

*…focuses on the nominee’s UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING, not their graduate teaching or research;

*…includes the average student course ratings over the past two full academic years, but they cannot be the sole source of evidence;

*…includes both direct and indirect evidence of the effectiveness of particular strategies, methods, tools, or materials the nominee has employed;

*…observations from having witnessed the nominee’s teaching are especially helpful;

*…evidence that the nominee actively seeks out and participates in continuing professional development of teaching;

*…describes specific teaching strategies, methods, and/or instructional tools that have enhanced student learning.

Required Materials

All nominations must be submitted electronically using the appropriate links noted above. Please review the form before writing your nomination.  Descriptions of the awards, along with general criteria for selection, are available on the forms. 

Please Note: Nominators can submit individual nominations or a single nomination with multiple signatories (committee nomination). Multiple single nominations for the same candidate and committee nominations are weighted more heavily in the review process.  Undergraduates may write support letters for nominations made by a faculty member.

For more information, please contact Andrea Aebersold (andrea.aebersold@uci.edu), (949) 824-0347